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Dr. Elisa Katz


My lab/shepherd mix is 12 years old and Dr. Katz helped Sophie recover from 3 episodes of pancreatitis. Sophie is spry and energetic and still loves her walk in the woods. Thank you Dr. Katz!”



We brought our dog Maisie in for a chiropractic adjustment looking for a more natural approach to her care.  A tumor was discovered and we were sent for a biopsy.  Confirming it was cancer the clinic advised surgery which would not even guarantee her 6 months of quality life, if that.   We returned to The Holistic Veterinary Center with this info and chose to use natural treatments.  Dr. Katz and her staff were so supportive and concerned.  Dr. Katz was always researching and every time she discovered a new treatment she explained it in detail and asked if we wanted to try it.  Maisie lived for well over 1 1/2 years and had a wonderful quality of life.  She was even playing with my grandchildren the night before she died peacefully at home.  We will always be grateful for that extra quality time with Maisie. Natural Health Animal Hospital and her staff are truly caring gems in the veterinary profession.

-Nancy & Don

Ruby and Blossom

If you are looking for more than ordinary vet care, you need not look any further.  Our two dogs, both almost 14 years old, have received EXTRAordinary care at The Holistic Veterinary Center.  Our dogs both have chronic health issues that the local vets treated in conventional ways.  Neither dog was getting any better until we found The Holistic Veterinary Center.  The doctors  have done wonders with both dogs, using a combination of conventional medicines and natural remedies.  Our doxie has lived a full year with lymphoma using only holistic treatments.  The doctor and staff also strive to help you to understand your pet’s issues and care as much for your well-being as well as your pet’s.


If it weren’t for Dr. Katz, Jen, and everyone at The Holistic Veterinary Center, my time with Luna would have ended long before we shared our last day together. The individualized care Dr. Katz and her team provided was simply remarkable, specifically tailored to address the underlying causes behind the existing symptoms and characteristics in my Luna. There was no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all mindset in coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan. We felt immediately welcome at our first appointment and soon came to feel like family. They exude so much genuine love, care, and understanding for your overall well-being (for you, the pet parent, and for your sweet furbaby). I simply cannot imagine ever going anywhere else. The care they provide is truly impeccable, unlike anything else I have ever experienced. Dr. Katz and The Holistic Veterinary Center are truly a gift. Me and Luna are so very lucky to have found them.  I will be forever grateful.

Luna always hated going to the vet. She would shake terribly. Once we found The Holistic Veterinary Center and Dr. Katz was able to get Luna walking again, Luna would literally run across the parking lot to their front doors and was excited to see everyone!  I’ve never seen her so happy about going to the vet! She really loved going there and seeing everybody and was never scared or apprehensive about having an appointment from that point forward. That is truly a testament as to how patient-centered their mindset is at The Holistic Veterinary Center. These guys will be always be our first choice for amazing veterinary care. I’m so happy we found them!


Ozone therapy saved my cat when traditional medicine was out of options. Because of ozone, I still have my best friend with me! Thanks, The Holistic Veterinary Center, for offering this treatment.



When Dixie was a puppy I took her into a conventional vet which administered her last round of puppy shots. She received all on the same visit a Distemper/Parvovirus with Lepto, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccine. By the time I got home with her she was super lethargic. I was afraid she was going to die. She perked up hours later but from that day on it was one illness after another. Two months later she started with discharge from both eyes (prescribed antibiotics), two months after that an irritation to her vulva (prescribed antibiotics), one month later her anal glands started to irritate her (after several times of expressing anal glands prescribed antibiotics), Four months later she began chewing at her paws (prescribed antibiotics and steroids). During all those illnesses, Dixie would have bouts of diarrhea. I had her tested for allergies and the test showed results just over the borderline as positive for majority of proteins I was feeding her and to environmental factors. I was feeding her 100% raw diet and I was very confused as to why she would have allergies. At that moment I decided to seek the help of a homeopathic vet. I am truly thankful for Dr. Katz and her skills with homeopathy. With Dr. Katz’s guidance over the last year, Dixie has been antibiotic free, no anal gland issues, no bouts of diarrhea and her allergies to all proteins are gone! I love that I am able to supplement Dixie’s homeopathic treatments with monthly chiropractic care from Dr. Ford. The Holistic Veterinary Center is a wonderful, and truly caring environment. Everyone there makes you feel welcomed and they listen to all my concerns regarding Dixie’s health. Additionally the ease of contacting Dr. Katz about Dixie’s updates through text is wonderfully convenient.


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Hi, my name is Daisy. I’m a 13-year- old Lassa/Shitzu mix. I first came to The Holistic Veterinary Center because I fell down some hardwood stairs. I guess I just slipped, I’m not really sure how I ended up at the bottom of those stairs but it was bad. I couldn’t feel my legs or stand up. I had to be carried everywhere, had trouble taking care of my business (if you know what I mean) and overall was a mess! The doctors decided I had a herniated disc in my neck. I wondered if this was the beginning of the end for me.

I’ve lived with a lot of people throughout my life but my current person, Ruth, is the best. I lived on the streets for a while, was found walking with a little Shitzu, taken to Animal Control, adopted by a nice old lady and lived with her until she couldn’t take care of me anymore, was taken to the Humane Society, and stayed there for six weeks until I met Ruth. We’ve visited lots of vets – some good, some not so good but I always knew that Ruth loved me. So when I was hurt I trusted that she would know what to do.

After my terrible fall and my visit to the emergency vet, Ruth decided to try something new. We met Dr. Katz at The Holistic Veterinary Center Family; boy, was that a different experience. Dr. Katz and Jen sat down on the floor to examine me – no hard cold steel table this time. Dr. Katz touched this and felt that and really took time to find out where I was hurting. She was so gentle; I knew I was in good hands.

I started acupuncture treatments twice a week. I never knew acupuncture was for dogs! It felt a little strange at first but soon I was able to stand better and could even walk a few steps. Slowly but surely I began to feel my legs again and I could take a few steps without slipping. Ruth still took me on walks but she put me in a little kid’s wagon. We were quite a sight!

Dr. Katz continued acupuncture treatments, I continued to get better and then we started something else – underwater treadmill therapy. Imagine that – me, Daisy, an old lady dog walking in water on a treadmill. These new inventions are amazing! I was not wild about the idea in the beginning and Jen had to encourage me a lot but slowly I began to get stronger. Now I can walk in the park, go see my friends and life is good!

The acupuncture treatments and underwater treadmill therapy saved my life.

Yes, I’m still an old lady dog. Yes, I still slip every now and then. Yes, I would rather not do the treadmill – really, who likes to exercise? But, thanks to Dr. Katz I can do all the things that I want to do.

Thank you, Dr. Katz!

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Pali: 13 year old spaniel mix
Diagnosis: nasal adenocarcinoma and possible thyroid cancer
Prognosis: 3-6 months without radiation therapy, 6-12 months with radiation therapy
Time since diagnosis: 10 months

Pali is a 13 year old spaniel mix adopted by our veterinary assistant, Jen, in 2013. In March of 2016, Pali started drinking a lot of water and urinating excessively, even in the house. We suspected a urinary tract infection, so we tested Pali’s urine and ran bloodwork as well. We were surprised to find that not only was Pali’s urine free from bacteria, but her blood calcium levels were extremely high, along with her kidney values. We ran more bloodwork to consider all of the possibilities that cause high calcium, and eventually we were left with a strong suspicion of cancer but no obvious diagnosis despite x-rays and ultrasound.

At this point, Jen took Pali to Purdue University Small Animal Clinic for more advanced diagnostics. Specialized ultrasound testing revealed abnormalities in Pali’s thyroid glands, so surgery was scheduled to remove and biopsy the glands. Awaiting surgery, Pali was sent home from the hospital having been given a long-acting (30 day) drug that would help lower her dangerously high calcium levels. As Pali was anesthetized for the surgery, a CT scan was performed to fully visualize the thyroid glands.

In an unexpected twist, a small soft tissue mass was found in Pali’s nasal passage. Surgery on the thyroid was halted, and a rhinoscopy and biopsy were performed on the nasal tumor. Within days, Purdue called with the news that Pali’s tumor was a nasal adenocarcinoma, very aggressive, and that her prognosis was 3-6 months without any treatment and 6-12 months with radiation treatment, which would likely leave her deaf and possibly blind.

Jen was devastated at this news but knew immediately that radiation therapy was not the right treatment for a dog with severe separation anxiety. Instead, Jen opted to treat Pali with the treatments at her disposal at The Holistic Veterinary Center that had been successful for clients previously. Pali embarked on a 5-week course of ozone and UV blood therapy along with homeopathic treatment.

Throughout this time, weekly blood tests revealed a steady improvement in her calcium values and kidney function. At the 30-day mark for the long-acting calcium drug, Jen was prepared to give Pali another dose of the drug. However, Pali’s calcium did not rise above the normal range. It has been 10 months since her diagnosis and Pali’s blood calcium levels have remained normal without any further drugs. In addition, her kidney values returned to normal, and all of the symptoms she was experiencing ceased. Despite a 3-6 month prognosis, Pali remains a perfectly normal senior dog 10 months later. Jen is thrilled with her treatment choices, which never made Pali sick or painful but instead gave her more energy, improved her appetite, and even improved her mobility.

In addition to working at The Holistic Veterinary Center for the last year and a half, Jen has been a client of The Holistic Veterinary Center since 2006, when her dog Indiana was diagnosed with cancer. As for the treatment, here is what Jen has to say about it—

“Working at The Holistic Veterinary Center, I of course saw numerous clients helped by ozone and homeopathy, so I was eager to see what the effects could be for Pali. I was a believer before, but as a parent I was not prepared for the dramatic change I saw in my dog. To this day, I remain in awe of her medical transformation, which in my eyes is nothing short of miraculous. I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Katz for offering me hope when traditional medicine had little to offer.



Reese is a 7 year old male,neutered Golden Retreiver who had suffered for years with a face so itchy that the skin around his eyes had started to look like leather from the irritation. Through special food allergy testing, Dr. Katz was able to determine the foods that Reese was allergic to and to advise his guardian to eliminate them from his diet. He is doing so much better now!

Below are photos of Reese taken on May 15, 2014, June 13, 2014, and July 21, 2014. As you can see, while he still has a ways to go, his facial inflammation, especially around his eyes is improving and his fur is growing back in. This case is very typical for pets with food allergies. They are often itchy in one or more of the following areas: the face, paws, abdomen, or ears.

If your pet is itchy in any of these areas and it seems to keep coming back despite what your regular veterinarian prescribes, please come see us at The Holistic Veterinary Center and we will be happy to help you find the root of the problem and fix it so that, like Reese, your pet can get better.

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